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Belfast (Non Spoiler) Review The Pick and Mix Podcast

Hello and welcome back to the Pick and Mix Podcast! It's just me, Harry, again! This is my 15 minute (roughly) non spoiler review of Kenneth Branagh's new film Belfast. It releases in the UK on the 21st of January 2022. Check out the review and find out whether you should 'Pay Now' or 'Watch Later.' Also keep an ear out for new sections such as 'Trailer Watch.'  Links: – Corbert interview – Belfast trailer  Movie scoring system;  Pass Grades: OUTSTANDING (O,) EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS (E,) ACCEPTABLE (A.) Fail Grades: POOR (P,) DREADFUL (D,) TROLL (T.)  As always, make sure you are subscribed to us on your podcast provider! Like, share, and give us a 5* rating, if you like what you hear! Facebook: 'The Pick and Mix Podcast' Twitter: @PickandMixPod Instagram: @pickandmixpod Gmail: Intro Music: Intro music: Ride It Like You Mean It — Kristian Leo (find more music at Episode

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