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Conspiracy Theories! The Pick and Mix Podcast

This week the lads discuss some conspiracy theories that we have read about! We haven't done a deep dive just yet! Enjoy this light-hearted discussion on a few different conspiracies out there, that may or may not be true! Big thanks to George for this one!!  As always, make sure you are subscribed to us on your podcast provider! Like, share and give us a 5* rating, if you like what you hear! Facebook: 'The Pick and Mix Podcast' Twitter: @PickandMixPod Instagram: @pickandmixpod Gmail: BRAND NEW WEBSITE: Intro Music: Intro music: Ride It Like You Mean It — Kristian Leo (find more music at
  1. Conspiracy Theories!
  2. Bad Movie Endings
  3. The Best Movie Universe?
  4. Harry Potter: Part 2! (TV SHOW CONFIRMED)
  5. Harry Potter: Drunk Movie Review (Part-1)
  6. Marvel Talk: The future of the MCU
  7. 2020: Film and TV Round Up!
  8. On The Road…
  9. Top 5 Christmas Movies!
  10. From Humble Beginnings

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