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Hello again everyone! I am back again with another short review on the new Scream Movie! I discuss what did and did not work for me in the movie. I tell you whether you should 'Pay Now' or 'Stream Later.' I also discuss which trailer I liked at the cinema this time round in 'Trailer Watch.'  Movie scoring system; Pass Grades: OUTSTANDING (O,) EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS (E,) ACCEPTABLE (A.) Fail Grades: POOR (P,) DREADFUL (D,) TROLL (T.) As always, make sure you are subscribed to us on your podcast provider! Like, share, and give us a 5* rating, if you like what you hear! Facebook: 'The Pick and Mix Podcast' Twitter: @PickandMixPod Instagram: @pickandmixpod Gmail: Intro Music: Intro music: Ride It Like You Mean It — Kristian Leo (find more music at Episode 
  1. Scream (2022)
  2. Belfast (Non Spoiler) Review
  3. Spider-Man No Way Home Review (SPOILER)
  4. Black Widow and Others!
  5. Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It (Review)
  6. A Quiet Place 2 – Non Spoiler Review
  7. The Suicide Squad!
  8. Conspiracy Theories!
  9. Bad Movie Endings
  10. The Best Movie Universe?

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